Safety Leadership Program (SLP), Virtual Training

NON-MEMBER: $495.00

  • Product Details

    • The Safety Leadership Program serves as the overarching product. Additional registrations are necessary for the virtual instructor-led course modules. The course is not designed for self-guidance. slp-module-registration-instructions.pdf (

    • The NSC Workplace Training Safety Leadership Program is a curriculum dedicated to enabling executive leadership, business leaders, and operational management on how to positively lead safety to achieve and sustain an injury-free workplace.

    • The Safety Leadership Program modular training will provide operational guidance and leadership skills derived from NSC Workplace trainings such as Principles of Occupational Health and Safety, Risk Assessment, Human and Organizational Performance and Safety Management Techniques.  Participants will learn safety planning and strategy, elements of an effective safety management system, principles of safety culture, risk assessment, and innovative ways to integrate safety concepts within their organization. The Safety Leadership Program curriculum will be filled with relevant exercises, activities, and case studies that will engage specifically the leadership audience, while also providing a toolbox of resources for future use. 

  • Objectives   

      • Participants will:

        Identify the key elements and benefits of a safety and health management system.

        Build an internal business case for supporting safety and health with their organization.

        Identify ways to prepare for an OSHA inspection to reduce violations.

        Review and discuss different leadership styles.

        Analyze barriers and challenges associated with employee engagement.

        Identify safety and health measurement options.

        Create a model for developing a positive safety and health culture.

        This course will benefit:




        Sr. EHS Professionals

        Business Leaders

        Indirectly safety professionals on leadership path

        Benefits to companies include:

        Equipping leaders with the specific skills, tools, and behaviors they will need to confidently lead others and drive performance of their team.

        Expand leadership expertise on safety management systems and utilization of safety and health measurement tools. 

        Detailed gap analysis and action plans that will assist in continuous improvement. 

        A model for developing a strong support of front line leaders to be safety and health leaders.

  • Delivery Type

    • Virtual ILT

    • A computer and/or laptop is a requirement for VILT courses.
  • Duration

    • The Safety Leadership Program consist of eight modules. The modules range from 60 to175 minutes long. A total of 13 hours of total training that can be taken as standalone courses on different days and times. 

  • Reporting Completion

     After completing Modules 1-3 (required) and three (3) additional modules from Modules 4-8 send an email to to notify NSC. Your Safety Leadership Program certificate will become available in your NSC Learning account under your External Training badge.