Instructor Authorization for DDC ADD Training 5th Ed (English)

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  • Product Details

    • Purchasing this Instructor Development Course authorizes you to become an instructor for the 5th Edition DDC-Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving (DDC-ADD) course.  Authorized National Safety Council DDC-ADD instructors are part of an exclusive group nationwide that represent large and small organizations from our NSC chapters & distributors to courts, government agencies and even private entities.

      Our Instructor Development Course is delivered via eLearning.  With this purchase you will receive the required teaching materials and the Instructor Development Course training.  The full package includes:

    • Instructor Manual (printed)
    • Participant Guides (both 4-hour & 6- and 8-hour versions) and sample Certificate of Completion
    • Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving 5th Edition is a major update to the previous 4th Edition.  The primary audience for this instructional intervention course is repeat traffic offenders and non-driving-while-intoxicated/ driving-under-the-influence (DWI/DUI) offenders.  The new 5th Edition of the program has three versions:  4-hour, 6-hour and 8-hour.  All three versions of the DDC-ADD course are conducted through Instructor Led Training or classroom presentation.

      The Instructor Manual contains all three versions. The multi-media also has the three versions as options that the instructor chooses. The 6- and 8-hour versions share a Participant Workbook, and the 4-hour program has its own workbook.
    • Downloadable Multimedia
    • Downloadable Instructor Guides (both 4-hour & 6/8-hour versions)
    • Access to Modules 1-4 eLearning course
  • Objectives

    • National Safety Council has made it easy for you to become an Authorized DDC-Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving Instructor through our eLearning approach.  You will complete four (4) eLearning Modules produced in an interactive, web-based environment.  You will learn about NSC, our proven-effective facilitation techniques as well as foundational training skills to deliver a successful DDC training program.

      Upon completion of Module 4 you will receive your authorization as a 5th Edition DDC-ADD Instructor.  You can then log back in to to download the multimedia.  Your Training Center administrator can also then purchase 5th Edition Participant Guide materials for you to begin holding classes. 

  • Delivery Type

    • eLearning

  • Duration

    • Module 1: NSC Foundations – 15 minutes

      Module 2: Classroom Facilitation & Management – 45 minutes

      Module 3: Introduction to Defensive Driving Courses – 150 minutes

      Module 4: Teaching DDC-Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving 5th Edition – 200 minutes